Benny Vink was born and raised in Holland, and his love for acting and filmmaking dates back to his childhood.
Benny came to New York City in 2004, where he studied acting and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. After his graduation, he returned to Holland, where he landed roles in several prime-time TV shows and a leading role in Eduard Hulskamp The Movie.

In January 2009, he decided to leave acting and ventured into film production, and in 2010 created PureMedia Productions, LLC.

Over the years, Benny has consistently strived to ensure his films are a “pure reflection” of what he sees through his lens and with no hidden agendas, resulting in award-winning and nominated films that have inspired people all over Europe.

In July 2020, Benny decided it was time to take his philosophy and talent overseas, and he and his family settled at Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina, where he plans to impact the news industry positively.
Since coming to the United States, Benny has positively impacted North and South Carolina students, teaching them the basics of acting and filmmaking.

Most importantly, Benny continues to teach and film with a “pure reflection” of what his lens captures with no added agendas.  When not creating films, Benny spends his time, giving back to his church and community.

Mr. Vink’s Nominated Films and Documentaries
2014 Documentary - Tomorrow's Food
2015 Drama - For A Friend
2018 Documentary - City Roof Top’s
2018 Documentary - Vooruit Op Waterstof (H2)
2019 Documentary - Growing Home
2019 Drama - Prolix
2019 Drama - Disposable
2021 Documentary - A Chef's Heart
2021 Drama - Dood door Schuld
2022 Drama - A Father's Heart